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Let's create IMPACT together!
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WOOOOOOW! Another year has passed quickly...

We are very grateful to have such strong, innovative partners, who are willing to explore new pastures together with us. Since the pre-Christmas time is also a time of slowing down, reflection and gratitude...

The whole TheVentury Team would like to say: thank you!

As TheVentury values are E-P-I-C:

(Entrepreneurial Thinking, Passion, Impact, Cooperation & Empowerment)

 we decided to do things differently this year, to follow our IMPACT value and break the trend of sending presents around that no one really needs;)

Because we had such a successful year, we would like to share a part of our achievement with the ones who really need it.

We chose an awesome project that aims to give children a safe environment to grow up, and provide children with the opportunity to leave their own footprints in this world without facing poverty, misery & violence.

The best thing is: You can be part of it!

For each "Donate"-Button clicked in our Christmas Mail we will spend EUR 1,00 to support minor refugees in Austria.

If you want, there is also the possibility of a direct and personal participation*,

let's create IMPACT together.

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us.

Best wishes for the holidays, Merry Christmas & see you next year! 

TheVentury Team



*Donation receipts will be automatically sent by mid-February of the following year. These do not have to get requested.

Die Spendenaktion unterstützt das folgende Projekt:



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